YAY!!! got to chill with the Pigeon Lady and the Egg one last time before we all leave for college!!!

  • Woke up early cuz I though we were meeting at KFC to watch Amelia eat it in front of some pigeons at 11:30 but turns out she woke late so it was pushed to 12:30
  • Since I woke up and got out early I bussed back home but instead met up the Egg at Walgreens
  • DAMM there was this walgreens worker trying to get me to sign up with the rewards thing and she was talking HELLA fast! It was like she was going to talk me to death like Ms.Kelley about her stories but worst
  • Meet up Amelia on the bus and headed dt for some sushirrito! laughed the whole way there about random stuff but mostly about JB Amelia’s one an only love and how she is going to talk to it the whole time right before sleeping at Davis
  • Got lost trying to get to Sushirrito since we cant read maps to save our lives but ended up there alright
  • Got our food and made our way to the Mall to get Jamba Juice and to sit
  • Ate and talked about #s on instagram and how funny it is!
  • LIDS and Car Parking skills were discussed and laughed for a good three hours on it! got a new # word now!
  • made our way to irving and walked about to walgreens to exchange stuff for the Egg and the Jap store for a cup!
  • made our way to Amelia’s house and watched Slender videos, How to Make Basic videos, TheChengMan pranks and other hilarious stuff
  • Ended the day by going home with the Egg and talked about classes we taking
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